> At home with Hitler


I found this magazine earlier this year. My father-in-law had kept it for decades because it carried an article about a house that his father had built. He had never really read the rest of the magazine nor seen this fantastic feature on Hitler's mountain retreat.

Early in September, IPC Magazines said I had to take these scans down for copyright reasons.

Earlier this week (it's now late October), the Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies sent a petition demanding they be released on the internet.

IPC has now replied to the Wyman institute saying: " IPC has also never had any intention of suppressing open historical analysis of such documents...our concern was purely one of copyright...It is now apparent, however, after extensive research, that there is no way of ascertaining where copyright ownership lies after 65 years....Therefore it is not in our gift to either agree or withdraw use of these images and words."

You can read more about the scans, my conversations with Homes and Gardens, and the excellent tale of where the photos come from here.

But more importantly, now you can look at the images. Thanks to the Wyman Institute for the transcript.

Note: there is now a better version of the scans available on the Guardian's site, along with my full version of what happened.