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Sunday, September 21, 2003



You jackass where is my exposure ! Maybe I will copy some good articles about how Bill Clinton is really a dope addict, you cannot change the world you can just be a placeholder for something bigger. Did you hear the one about RIAA and the pirates...? These people need to realize any exposure is good exposure, they have been to accustomed to huge exposure, there is so much reading out there, what do you read? Someone really needs to make a html code for linking (track back for html?) back information that can be added to news content, news should be for the masses and free. We are news junkies, give us another quick fix!


Jings it's Simon Waldman.

Yesterday sat at my desk in the Gaza Strip I reeled as Mathew Horsman's name leapt from the pages of The Economist. Now, today, Simon Waldman gets a mention in the Jerusalem Post (NYT supplement). What's in store for tomorrow? Zena Cardwell in Al Quds Al-Araby?

If this works, drop us a line.

kim gilmour

Worth noting that the freebie TNT Magazine this week (of circulations Internet Magazine could only dream of!) has done a one page article on Hitler's Retreat ... I wonder where they got the idea from? No reference to Homes & Gardens though.

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