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Saturday, October 04, 2003


Edward Shaw

I'm glad you've persisted in your fight to keep the Hitler article online. I teach German and German Literature as a PhD student/teaching assistant and was recently grading exam essays with a native German friend of mine. She quickly grew frustrated with the very empty, non-reflective essays that blandly said, "The Holocaust can't happen again." I tried to explain to her that most Americans tend to use "can" as a catch-all modal verb; they don't distinguish between "can't" and "can't be permitted to." Be she wasn't entirely convinced and her point was well taken. Americans are entirely too complacent and are much too comfortable with the hideous charicatures of monsters that Hitler and Germans as a whole are presented to them as. Citing Hanna Arendt, they don't grasp the concept of the "Banality of Evil" nor can they find parallels of any kind unless made to them in an equally simplistic manner (Axis of Evil).

m. kothari, m.d. is beyond belief that someone would regard this as even close to anti-semitism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are jewish? that right?????

WOW...some people just amaze me...there are movies that depict so much that it is good to know the facts and i assume thats ok huh?'r just fine but them guys do owe you a huge apology, at once...

take care...

m. kothari, m.d.
iowa, usa

p.s. comes to mind a very good series called War and Remeberance by BBC and they show Hitler's "home", an accurate and precise picture that this article real!

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