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Friday, October 31, 2003



There is always the chance that Blair doesn't get walloped by Hutton...

Simon Waldman

Ah - yes, forgot that one....


It's interesting, coming back to UK after hols in California. It feels like the Iraq storm has passed over Blair, while it is throwing bolts at Bush. Even the Stop the War protests are now aimed at stopping Bush.

Is that because people now believe Blair's argument about compassionate intervention? Is it because our boys are holding their end up in Basra? Or is it because we just can't sustain angry fervour like we used to?


Well, I reckon it's in a lull until Hutton blows back up (although as you point out the final bit to my Blair fantasy is that Hutton says he behaved in an exemplary fashion...after the Tories all get caught in Spearmint Rhino).

I think there's a few things going on.

- Sheer number of deaths: the US has now lost more soldiers after 'the end of hostilities' than before. They are losing soldiers every day. See the full casualty list for details. The UK death toll is much smaller and less frequent.

- There's an election brewing up, and Bush is having to balance: the fact that the economy is anything but healthy with the news that they're (now) giving Iraq some $87bn in aid.

The end result is that Bush is making the US look weak. They don't have a great economy, and they're losing a war. And now amount of links to articles claiming otherwise from his campaign weblog, will make any difference.

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