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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Mark Lloyd

I read the piece this morning and it made me wonder where Piers Morgan fits in, on the talent v. celebrity scale of worthiness.

I actually disagree with you about celebrity culture although I do appear to have a morbid fascination with it. I am afraid that Jade (who I remember as dental nurse who was kind to me during a v. unpleasant session at the dentist two years ago) as a celebrity is a step too far for me. I actually turned off Celebrity Wife Swap last week. Couldn't bear it. I prefer the "real" people. And who is Jodie Marsh anyway?

Emily boughey

Hello cheesy bagels! yeah! luv the site em xx

jason smith

she is disguisting. i only like men. im a gay u c


I say gud on jodie or ne 1 doin wot she duz! at the end of the day i'd du it (not naked of course!) but u kno wot i mean! Bet she gets a hell of a lot of money! So u go girl, u may be talentless but ur not stupid!!

david farry

i think jodie is a nice gir and look mint lol

carl hammleton

very nice i agree with david (daydie)thats his nick name

david farry

i think jodie is a nice girl and looks mint lol

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