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Thursday, November 20, 2003



Looks good so far, it's definitely something I'm interested in but give me a few more days using it.


Looks really good.

How is it done? I have seen Zinio and Active Paper. This seems better in offering more options.

Is it a one-off developed just for the Guardian / Observer?

Where is XML in this? Is everything in InDesign now or is Quark still in there somehow?

Richard Carter

I much prefer the current (free) electronic version - which I assume you're now planning to scrap.


Looks good and works well enough. Personally I'm inclined to stick with my news aggregator than to subscribe to this. Rather than developing a subscription-based digital edition, I would prefer to see The Guardian follow The Independant's lead in publishing a tabloid-sized paper.


i can agree with mars, except i didn't want to go through all that registation stuff to even see it. I have assumed its just like reading the paper on the computer. there is an abundance of news and views everywhere else, i cant imagine subscribing to it. tabloidisation that would be the best bet for the Guardian


I think Digi Grauniad is a great idea, I hope they are planning to digitise the entire paper since 18wotever, that would make it a wonderful archive (esp for historians of the Manchester cotton trade!). But it doesn't work on my office PC (IE5.0) or elderly home Mac (OS9.1, IE5.1). When I click on front page it reverts to the front page or to Dig Guard home page.



Thanks for all your comments. I don't want to turn this into some sort of official feedback I've forwarded everything on to the project team.

In the meantime: if you have any more comments best to mail [email protected]

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