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Tuesday, December 16, 2003



Did the dentist do that thing where they jiggle the tiny little file around inside your tooth to get all the nerve out? Hurts like a bugger when they stick it through the tooth root into your jawbone!! Perhaps that's nest appointment!!

stiff upper lip and all that!!


next appointment...

Simon Waldman

You're right. They did the jiggling thing...Although I think the fact I'd had a few glasses of wine before going in made things a little easier.

I didn't see the nerve though..would have been quite interested to find out what it looked like.



it comes out in bits like bloody, soft-boiled egg white... at least that's what it looked like to me! The intriguing thing, for me, was when my dentist fitted the plastic fillers into the holes and then produced a blow-torch to heat up her point thing and meltthe end of the plastic... I had my eyes shut and only opened them when she lit the blow torch... talk about getting the wind up!

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