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Monday, February 16, 2004


Adam Tinworth

Well, you can already buy a little attachment that turns the iPod into a recorder or gives you FM radio, the battery life for most people is far longer than the 18 months some people like to claim (mine is streaking past two years with little or no sign of degradation just yet), and can be replaced by Apple or other people. There are instructions on the net for doing it yourself, but frankly, when the time comes, I'll be happier paying someone.


Of course, they shouldn't be putting analogue radios in - they should be digital radios, given that the technology in an ipod and a digital radio are similar. Of course, they never will, because DAB isn't being used in the USA. Ah well.


hey every1? just doing some reseacrh on the ipod, i really want one of these cool pieces of equipment but not sure to get one cause its missing a radio! will there be one coming out soon with a radio????? PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP

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